Black and white photography has a different charm. I feel with no colour to distract the viewer, it captures a photograph’s true essence. I’ve wanted to do a series of monochrome landscapes since a while and Malshej turned out to be a great place to start.

The Place

Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass nestled in the Maharashtrian Sahyadris. Rumoured to receive the maximum rainfall in the state, the area turns lush green and has a large number of waterfalls, some of which fall right on the road cut through the mountain. The place is thronged by tourists during these monsoon months but sees little tourist activity otherwise.

By winter though, the waterfalls have all but dried up, the trees have lost their leaves and the shades of green brought in by the rains have turned yellow and brown.

At the foothills are dense forests where leopards roam and which are rumoured to be home even to tigers. Once up the mountain, the road leads to a beautiful lake created by a dam on the Ar river, which, surrounded by rugged peaks on all sides makes quite a surreal scene.